Monday, February 20, 2012

Undisciplined Discipline

After running the Marine Corps Marathon in late October, I had met my goal for the year and didn't have any short-term goals in mind.  I got my MCM Tatt that I promised myself as a reward and reminder, but lacked motivation to train. BTW,  I intend to add a little runner for each race over 26.2 miles.  Hopefully I will have an anklet by 50. I know this may be a bit self absorbed and silly at my age, but I don't really care.

After recovering from the marathon in a week, I started back on my 6 day a week 5 mile regimen, but also gained about 5-8 pounds in the process.  The primary reason for the weight gain is that I didn't have any incentive and I also didn't watch my diet as closely.  I read several articles that said this often happens after meeting your long-term goal.  After about two months into 2012,  I finally made a short-term goal of adding a 10 mile run to my weekly plan and have stuck to it.  I also added a long-term goal to enter and run (with a little luck from the lottery) the 2012 NYC Marathon and intend to change my training strategy. 
So I guess the moral of this piece is that goals do matter--they keep the undisciplined disciplined.

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  1. Like the tatt idea. Keep training.


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