Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clips or Tie?

Have you ever thought there was an easier way to deal with shoes than lacing them up?  Are you sick of your laces coming undone. I use clips.  Some may think its laziness, but I believe its convenient.  Here is how it works...Laces slide through slot of clip, adjust the fit, tie off ends permanently in a square knot, and cut off excess lace. Next time you run, just slide on your shoes and go.  There are several styles for shoes.  I prefer sqeezums.  These can be found on  Another innovative style, Yankz, can be found on
For a full list of different options, please try
If you are old school and want to stick to the traditional tie, you can either use the bunny ears method or Runners World suggests five ways to tie your shoes.  Please see link,7120,s6-238-267--12334-0,00.html
So whether its clips or tie, don't make that an excuse to not get out there and run!


  1. So I have recently become pretty interested in lacing and tying my shoes. It's all because of this dude--

    Check it out.

  2. Great site...Didn't know there were that many combinations!


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