Sunday, January 9, 2011

Running Shoe Review

Over the past 2,500 miles, I've tried several pairs of shoes to include:
By far my favorite shoe was the NIKE Lunar Trainer+ for its lightness and comfort.  The problem with Trainer+ is that they wear out way too fast.  NIKE Lunar Glide+ ranked up at the top as well.  At first, these shoes were too hard on foot.  However after going a size larger with an insert, these shoes turned out to be most durable, especially during the 30+ inches of snow and ice.  The most current shoe I'm testing is the Brooks Ghost3.  This shoe is much like the Glide+.  Hard, light, and durable.  The top of my foot is sensitive, so the Ghost 3 tougue is the best.  The best made, but worst wear is the Under Armour Spectre.  This shoe gave me high arch pain and caused IT Band problems as well!  The NIKE Dual Fusion is also one of the worst performers.  It tries to give you the Air Hurache boot fit, but you can actually feel the straps.  This shoe is not a running shoe in my opinion.  Wear it in style, but don't kick it!  Lets close this discussion with the NIKE Free 5.0.  The Free is a great shoe to wear if you want the feeling of running barefoot, but will give you blisters at first.  You must have strong knees if you go this route, but you can fly once you get the feel.  For all around best buy, I would go with NIKE Lunar Glide+.  Size up if you like more padding and go with the insert.  Beware, the Glide+ 2.0 is nothing like the original.  Its even harder!

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