Saturday, April 25, 2015

When you BQ you should be in...Troubles with BQ system!

    Interesting article in  They provided Boston Marathon numbers and one particular set caught my attention.   There were 30,251 Registered runners and only 27,165 showed.  These numbers support the notion that the attrition rate related to no shows would have allowed for capacity for the 1,900 that didn't get to run but still met BQ standards! I believe organizers should show 2005-2013 data and analyze the trends to see if this hypothesis holds true and let all that BQ in.  Some believe they overstate the number of slots by 5,000, because they only can support 25,000 runners.  I believe this argument is flawed and if that is the case the whole methodology for BQ standards should be relooked.  1,900 runners met the standards and didn't get to run and that is just not fair. Below is a link that is interesting showing other options and some historical information.

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