Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running in NYC...It Doesn't Get Any Better than That!

As I set the wake up call for 06:30 AM, ready to begin a new day, I can't stop thinking about starting my day off with a crisp run through the city and ending with a hot cup of Joe. I lay my head down on the pillow and start to doze off. The alarm sounds to classical music (or so I thought). White noise began to jet out from the clock radio. I try to hit the snooze button before I wake up the kids and my wife. I do get one glare as if it were the red eyes of a wolf ready to pounce. I gently try to glide out of bed like a stealth bomber trying to go undetected. Luckily I set my running gear out the night before and manage to slip it on and exit the room virtually undetected. Now for what I've been waiting for.
I stroll down to the lobby with my music booming and my eyes wide open. As I spin through the turnstile door, all I can do is look up at the large buildings in amazement. Okay, where to run. I synced my satellites on my 405 and hang a left. Pumped and roaring to go I set out on a fast pace (for me at least). As I approach lights, I try to time them like an ambulance chaser looking for his next pay check. On lights that I can't catch, I hang a left so I can keep it going. I have no strategy except Run, NYC, Run... The streets are busy, but I manage them as if I was a teenager doing parkour. I happen upon Central Park, or at least I think so. I take it and circle. I'm now half way through my planned 5 and now I head back. Oh shit...echoed through my head...I forgot the address...I try to reverse navigate using a similar but not quite same path home. At that point I realize I can set my HOME feature on the 405 and start my trek back to the hotel. What a feature. Very cool. I finally turn the corner and see my hotel. I can honestly say, no dirty looks, no up tight bikers, or aggressive dogs. The only worry was timing the lights, cabs, and figuring out how to get home. Now to look for a good cup of Joe. Next to the hotel, I found a small Turkish/Greek deli that served nescafe and thought I was in heaven until I asked for it to go. Go, No, the Barista said. To go, please, I replied. Go, No, the Barista repeated. I returned a Okay sign and said as long as you don't mind my sweat. The Barista replied, Its Okay, but you have to deal with my sweat too. I busted out laughing and enjoyed my cup of Joe with the paper. After settling on the bill, I headed back to the room to find the kids were sleeping and my wife watching the TV, so I jumped into the shower and was ready to start the day only to think about the next NYC run.


  1. Hello there, I enjoy reading your blog, thanks! I'm running my 4th half marathon this Saturday and would really like to break 2 hours, my last 2 times have been 2 hours and 20 sec...consistent I guess? I've been working on interval and hill training, so I hope this helps, any advice? Thanks, Ali

  2. Thanks! I recommend stick with hill training with at least one long hill run over 10 miles per week. For race training this has been most effective for me.


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