Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stretch or Go!

    Over the last 20 years, I've been one of those that can put my clothes on and go!  The only time I would stretch is when I was feeling a tweak or slight pain.  Last week, I started realizing that I can't do that anymore.  My body just can't take the pounding as it use to.  I've been training for a 10 miler and between my shoulder that somehow feels like its separated (JUST FROM LAYING WRONG) and my sore achilles tendon, heal and meniscus, I feel like a total mess!  Last night I decided enough was enough...Time to stretch.  I went out and bought some Rock Tape for my achilles tendon and calf and will stretch for 20 minutes before and after each run!  Lets hope this works!!!!


  1. Rock Tape really does Rock....No pain in the Tendon and the meniscus cooperated. Although slower pace, tape did the job...Lets Run!!!!

  2. Hey I have read a lot about the idea that a post - run stretch is beneficial, however a pre-run stretch has almost no benefit, rather, warming up to get the muscles warmed up. Thoughts? I posted about my experiment with not stretching at ALL a while back, but like you, recently I have been rethinking this due to some regular tweaks n pains. They are not that pronounced, but I am not getting any younger!
    Here is the link to my post:

    I do however keep on top of my weaker areas with stretching, such as my glutes and hips flexors.

  3. Good post! If I focus on vulnerable areas during pre and post run stretching that is most effective.


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